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Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Skin Cancer: A Review

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DOI : 10.2174/1573405616666200129095242


Cancer is currently one of the main health issues in the world. Among different varieties of cancers, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world and accounts for 75% of the world's cancer. Indeed, skin cancer involves abnormal changes in the outer layer of the skin. Although most people with skin cancer are healed, it is one of the major concerns of people due to its high prevalence. Most types of skin cancers grow only locally and invade adjacent tissues, but some of them, especially melanoma (cancer of the pigment cells), which is the rarest type of skin cancer, may spread through the circulatory system or lymphatic system and reach the farthest points of the body. Many papers have been reviewed about the application of image processing in cancer detection. In this paper, a literature review on the automatic skin cancer detection and also different steps of such a are discussed process based on the implantation capabilities.

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