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Cyber-physical system for fast prototyping of power electronic converters in EMI shaping context

H. Loschi, D. Nascimento, R. Smolenski et al., Cyber-physical system

for fast prototyping of power electronic converters in EMI shaping context, Journal of Industrial Information Integration (2023), doi


Dynamic development of power systems, which utilize power electronic converters as interfaces between the renewable energy sources, as well as complex control and measuring arrangements, forces the cooperation of specialists representing various fields to assure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the so-called smart industrial systems. Low voltage DC grid applications involving multiple power electronics devices may turn the grid susceptible to noise injection and impair the signal integrity and power quality due to the electromagnetic interference (EMI) emission and due to devices and grid interactions. The EMI propagation leads to misreading measurements and faulty conditions of equipments and in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) systems within the conducted emission frequency range, which impacts the hosting capacity of the grid. This paper proposes a cyber–physical system based on the NI-PXI platform for fast-prototyping and EMC assessment as pre-compliance tool of low-voltage DC grid in smart industrial systems. Thus, the LabVIEW-based design as well as the EMC-testbench system validation were performed with a DC/DC converter through the pulse-width modulation control algorithms. In addition, a case study has been investigated to evaluate the interferences between the converter and Power Line Communication. Hence, the theoretical control algorithms, hardware and software details, and experimental results are discussed, highlighting the paradigms of one flexible and collaborative cyber–physical system from the area of smart industrial systems.

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