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A Survey of Potatoes Image Segmentation based on Machine Vision.

Copyright © 2019 Applications of Image Processing and Soft Computing Systems in Agriculture. All Rights Reserved.

doi: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8027-0.ch001


The quality control of the agricultural products, which in many cases is through intuitive observation of the visible features of the product, plays a key role in the survival of the agricultural industry. For a long time, the qualitative categorization of these products has been performed by trained people who search products for the specific characteristics. On the other hand, hard and repetitive working can cause people to make some mistakes in computing the quality control errors. Hence, by entering the machine vision systems into this subject, they turned into a reliable, low-cost and real-time technology. Despite the existence of machine vision systems in this process, there are still major challenges in categorizing agricultural products in terms of quality, size, shape, and examination of defects. Potato is one of the most important agricultural products that is produced and has a high application. Unfortunately, it suffers from various types of diseases and defects. Hence, its quality control has a particular importance.

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