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Aggregated Conducted Electromagnetic Interference Generated by DC/DC Converters with DetM and RanM

Copyright © 2020 Energies2020,13(14), 2389;


The assessment of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is important for both technical and legal reasons. This manuscript addresses specific issues that should be taken into account for proper EMC assessment of energy systems that use power electronic interfaces. The standardized EMC measuring techniques have been used in a laboratory setup consisting in two identical DC/DC converters with deterministic and random modulations. Measuring difficulties caused by the low frequency envelopes, resulting from frequency beating accompanying aggregation of harmonic components of similar frequencies, were indicated as a phenomenon that might lead to significant problems during the EMC assessment using currently binding standards. The experimental results describing deterministic and random modulated converters might be useful for practitioners implementing power interfaces in microgrids and power systems as well as for researchers involved in EMC assurance of power systems consisting in multiple power electronic interfaces.

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