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Electromagnetic Fields on 3-Phase Induction Motor Using Finite Element Analysis.

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Copyright © D. Nascimento, R. Smolenski, H. Loschi, F. Grassi, L. Wan and A. Hamid, "Electromagnetic Fields on 3-Phase Induction Motor Using Finite Element Analysis," 2021 IEEE International Joint EMC/SI/PI and EMC Europe Symposium, 2021, pp. 434-439, doi: 10.1109/EMC/SI/PI/EMCEurope52599.2021.9559357.


Electromagnetic fields of a 3-phase induction motor, i.e., electric and magnetic fields and current density, are highly influenced by its geometry, conductor material (conductivity, magnetic permeability, electric permittivity, and nonlinearity), and boundary conditions applied (interface between conductors and dielectrics). Through Finite Element Analysis (FEA), the behavior of electromagnetic fields can be predicted. Thus, favoring the electromagnetic interference mitigation techniques of the 3-phase induction motor. Therefore, this paper presents numerical modeling with FEA, based on COMSOL, as an early pre-compliance tool to investigate the current density distribution and electric and magnetic fields. The validation of the modeling approach will be presented and discussed considering a 3-phase induction motor. Furthermore, CISPR 25 will be considered to evaluate the interactions between electric and magnetic fields, current density distribution, and skin effect on an increasing frequency.

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