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EMC Evaluation of Off-Grid and Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Systems for the Brazilian Scenario

Copyright © 2018 Journal of Clean Energy Technologies (JOCET). All Rights Reserved.

JOCET 2018 Vol.6(2)

ISSN: 125-133 ISSN: 1793-821X DOI: 10.18178/JOCET.2018.6.2.447


In this paper is discussed the importance of analysis for electromagnetic compatibility of the photovoltaic generation systems components concerning emissions of radiated and conducted electromagnetic disturbances on mains DC and AC lines. Current standards and tests showed that some frequency spectrum bands such from 150 kHz to 5MHz it is the more affected by conducted disturbances and from 30MHz to 200MHz it is the more affected by radiated disturbances, by the two main types of photovoltaic generation systems: Grid-Tied and Off-Grid applications. The concern is greater since one equipment used for the tests has EMC certifications. In addition, with the measurements of radiated and conducted electromagnetic disturbances it becomes possible to discuss a future scenario for mandatory certification of components of PV generation systems, mainly PV inverters and their applications.

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