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Evaluation of Solar Position and Angle of Incidence Calculation of the DIN5034 and NREL SOLPOS

Copyright © 2016 Proceedings of 2nd Brazilian Technology Symposium. All Rights Reserved.

Scientific Poster Section of the Brazilian Technology Symposium, 2016. V.1.

ISSN: 2447-8326


The solar global irradiance that reaches the earth’s surface may not be used as a parameter to control decision making of a photovoltaic system, since it depends on, among other factors, such as: atmospheric conditions and cloud coverage. However, the solar global irradiance that reaches the surface of the photovoltaic cells in the form of direct or diffused irradiance can influence the decision making for control of the photovoltaic system. The use of solar tracking systems is not essential to the operation of a photovoltaic system. However, It is through solar tracking systems that a gain in energy production through the photovoltaic modules can be achieved [1]–[2]. In this scenario the knowledge and the ability to track the amount of solar global irradiance are essential to plan a strategy for optimized operation before installation, and for this procedure the algorithms play an important role [1].

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