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Improvement of the Content Transmission in Broadcasting Systems: Potential Proposal to Rayleigh ...

Copyright © 2019 Proceedings of SET - Brazilian Society of Television Engineering. All Rights Reserved.


v. 4, p. 5, may 2019. ISSN 2446-9432

doi: 10.18580/setijbe.2018.3


In  the  last  years  the transmission  of  signals  has  been  a  widely approached  theme,  aiming  the  creation  of methodologies that make channels increasingly efficient.  Based  on  that  the  present  study implements  a  model  based  on  discrete  events applied  a broadcasting system  entitled  hybrid method,  using  the  Simulink  simulation environment  of  the  MATLAB  software.  This study  has  the  objective  of  improve  the transmission  of  content, through a  pre-coding process  of  bits applying discrete  events  in  the signal  before  of  the  modulation  process.  This proposal brings a different approach, in which the  signal  transmission  on  the  channel  is realized  in  the  discrete  domain  with  the implementation  of  discrete  entities  in  the process  of  bit  generation.  The  results  show better  computational  performance  related  to time  and  memory  utilization  related  to  the compression  of  the  information,  showing improvement  9.61  to  26,5%,  respectively.

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