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Solar Generation Data Acquisition System for Photovoltaic Applications in BAPV

Copyright © 2018 Proceedings of 4th Brazilian Technology Symposium. All Rights Reserved.

Brazilian Technology Symposium, 2018. V.1.

ISSN: 2447-8326


The photovoltaic modules have its operation affected by various factors that may include, since the equipment technical characteristics of solar photovoltaic generation, climatic and/or environmental conditions, to the surface type in which they are applied. Test conditions adopted in national and international standards require 25° C as the maximum temperature value so that there is no damage to the photovoltaic conversion process. Dealing with applications of PV modules, the Building Applied Photovoltaic system (BAPV) exemplifies a case of photovoltaic conversion solutions association to buildings, however, through thermal conduction phenomena, the constructive elements of the building, when inserted into a BAPV context can cause excessive heating of the PV module, and vice-versa. This heat exchange relationship inherent on the BAPV concept is the goal of this paper. Through a wireless sensor network it was possible to perform the monitoring of physical (temperature) and electrical (voltage and current) parameters, with the combination of a microcontroller connected to a database. The test results show the relationship between the constructive typology surface temperature and data from the photovoltaic solar generation.

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