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The importance of integrated network management and telecom service through time

Copyright © 2015 Proceedings of International Workshop on Telecommunications (IWT) - INATEL. All Rights Reserved.

doi: 10.1109/IWT.2015.7224576


The current scenario of intensive use of information and communication technologies, has promoted a profusion of new services, provided through networks of different vendors and technologies, each with its particular characteristics of supply, administration and operation. In this scenario of high complexity and diversification, competitiveness, quality of services provided to users shall be a differential factor in the market for telecommunication service providers. The need for quality and efficiency implies a necessity as vital as the service itself: the management of these networks services. The main objective of this work and provide a review, on the importance of network management, developed in recent years, highlighting the important advances in analog and digital eras, as well as presenting an analysis of future deployment for the management of networks.

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