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What Will 5G Be? Trends for nanotechnology, video systems, networks management, radio frequency ...

Atualizado: 21 de jan. de 2020

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Brazilian Technology Symposium

ISSN: 2447-8326


The previous four generations (4G) of cellular technology have each been a major paradigm shift that has broken backward compatibility. Indeed, 5G will need to be a new paradigm shift that includes very high carrier frequencies with massive bandwidths, extreme base station and device densities, and unprecedented numbers of antennas. To support this, the core network will also have to reach unprecedented levels of flexibility and intelligence, spectrum regulation will need to be rethought and improved, and energy and cost efficiencies will become even more critical considerations. This paper discusses all of these topics, identifying key challenges for future research and preliminary 5G standardization activities, while providing a comprehensive overview of the current literature, and in particular of the papers appearing in this special issue.

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